Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Evolutionary convergence in 2 distant deserts

Why do 2 plants from different parts of the world have similar characteristics or traits? It's natural selection & convergent evolution.

Music has always been a part of being human

What is music? How and why did music become such an important part of our lives? Does it predate speech? More reason to keep music programs strong.

Better to teach genetics before evolution

Getting students to understand a tough concept like evolution could be better if you teach them the fundamentals of genetics first.

On Charles Darwin’s 208th birthday

Today is Charles Darwin's birthday, and we celebrate it by talking about the intersection of science, religion, the care of our planet, and technological advances.

Do genes predict how we use social media?

How we interact with social networks—look at info that reinforces or confronts our own viewpoint—may depend on our genes.

Mutations in ‘essential’ genes linked to autism

Mutations in those genes that are essential to life have been linked to autism in a huge review of family data in a few huge databases. From U.Penn.

One little mutation can mean so much

How did unicellular organisms become multicellular? It could come down to a single mutation 600 million years ago in their DNA.

Sibling rivalry seen in some birds

Did you know some birds are more likely to exaggerate their need for food if their parents are likely to breed again (or if they already have).

Spooky science stories for Halloween: NYT & others

Science experiments sometimes get a little spooky, fascinating, or just plain creepy. Just in time for Halloween, here are a few collections.

How fish fins evolved to become fingers

New research out of the University of Chicago provides insight into one of the most important evolutionary developments for humans: fingers.