Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Obituary: Bobbie Noonan; grandmother, educator

A preschool pioneer, who recognized preschool's benefits long before it became a political chess piece, died Sunday.

Obituary: Linda, of Brown v. Board of Ed.

The schoolgirl whose father is the named plaintiff in a landmark court case about segregation died Sunday at the age of 75.

Conant student killed in car crash

A student at Conant H.S. in IL was killed in a fiery car crash Sunday. Speed was believed to be involved in causing the crash.

Youth hockey player dies after flu takes hold

A 10-year-old hockey player died from flu complications last weekend in N.Y. It's shaping up to be a terrible flu season.

Obituary: Valaree Schwab; stabbing in New Rochelle

A series of stabbings around New Rochelle H.S. in N.Y. has left one girl dead and two students injured, one of them in a classroom.

The CTU president is not dead, repeat, not

Karen Lewis's obituary was published online briefly due to an error in the publishing system at the Sun-Times.

Details emerge about the N.M. school shooter

The shooter in a N.M. high school was a 21-year-old former student at the school who apparently thought work, school, and life sucked.

Obituary: Carlos Sanchez, Arizona football player

An Arizona high school football player died last Friday as a result of injuries sustained in a game. He hit his head on the ground, reports say.

Obituary: Gustavo López, Mexican earthquake victim

An earthquake that struck near Mexico City on Tuesday killed more than 200 people, including about 30 children at a school.

Police shoot knife-wielding Ga. Tech student

Ga. Tech police fatally shot a 21-year-old engineering student who was wielding a knife and had reported a drunk, armed man on campus.