Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Md. teacher reported missing since Sunday

A pregnant, much-loved social studies teacher at a Maryland high school has been reported missing since Sunday.

Obit: Isaiah Gonzalez; Blue Whale suicide challenge

An online game, Blue Whale suicide challenge, makes its way around the US on social media; some kids have killed themselves while playing.

Obituary: Mitchell Chester; Mass. ed commissioner

He was a phenomenal leader who "possessed an unyielding commitment to improving the lives of children and young people."

8-year-old dies in murder-suicide crossfire

A murder-suicide in San Bernardino, Calif., resulted in the death of a married couple and a student who was simply caught in the line of fire.

Obituary: Markel Scott; homicide in Baltimore

Markel "Kel" Scott was shot dead in a rough Baltimore neighborhood, the 4th homicide victim this school year at Excel Academy on the West Side.

Obituary: Tiffany & Brittany Coffland; shot by father

16-year-old twin sisters were shot to death by their father in St Charles, IL, and he then turned the gun on himself.

Obituary: Aurora Rohrer; car crash on a slick road

A 16-year-old passenger was killed in a car crash on slick roads in Wyoming on Feb. 4. She was a dancer, a journalist, a friend, and a little sister.

Libertyville stands strong after 4 students die

Deaths of 3 students at Libertyville HS over Thanksgiving shook the community, but teams, along with a whole community, stand strong in their wake.

Obituary: Charlotte Zaremba, 16; shot on Jan. 1

A sophomore in Howard Co., Md., died in a murder-suicide after a New Year's Eve party. Her mother was also shot in the assault.

Obituary: Dr. Heimlich; invented 1st aid for choking

The man who created the most common method for dislodging a piece of food that is choking someone died today at the age of 96.