Friday, September 17, 2021
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Enrollment drops in U.S. public schools

Public school enrollment dropped this year. No surprise, given families' frustrations with online learning. Budget shortfalls loom.

Attendance is an issue in virtual classes

Keeping track of students in a virtual classroom is becoming increasingly difficult: Where are these kids spending their days?

Ala. H.S. to use Mondays for intervention

In hopes of helping students who have fallen behind, especially in math, and enabling others who need to work at part-time jobs, attendance on Mondays will be optional.

Dropout age going up to 18 in Md.

The dropout age in Md., 16 since 1902, is going up next year to 17 and then to 18. What effect will it have on the small number of dropouts?

At what age should children have to go to school?

Some bills now in Illinois's General Assembly would lower the age at which students are required to be in school on school days from 7, where it is now, to 6 or possibly 5.