Sunday, September 20, 2020
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I think we have Hillary to thank for this

A huuuge hole has been discovered in our nation. Can women proudly step through it and achieve greatness regularly?

Md. bill would allow animal dissection opt-out

Should students in Md. be protected by law if they want to skip out of class during the dissection of live animals? There could be a law.

PARCC & homecoming anomalies at a top Md. H.S.

The Homecoming Court at Walt Whitman H.S. in Bethesda will dispense with gender designations like king and queen. Strange anomalies detected in PARCC data.

Fla. judge: Tests alone can’t hold 3rd graders back

A Fla. judge has ruled that the Bush-era law requiring 3rd graders to pass a reading test is no good.

Students opt out with testing overload

Opting out of tests has become a habit, esp. in some states, like N.Y. Teachers College surveyed parents to determine their reasons.

Debt-free college, a Democratic unifying principle

We wonder if debt-free college in the US is a possibility by looking at the proposal advanced by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

They’ve had enough (online) testing in Alaska

Test results are important for schools, but technical computer problems and opt-outs continue to frustrate educators across the US.

Opt-out answers sought in Maryland, Illinois

The school board in Frederick Co., Md., wants to know what the state wants them to do when it comes to students who refuse to take state tests.

Principals oppose opt-out, in general

The National Association of Secondary School Principals has released a statement saying they are opposed to the opt-out movement.

PARCC is a test worth taking, IL T.O.Y. says

2 teachers of the year have written op-eds in different publications, saying they have examined PARCC tests and find them to be tests worth taking.