Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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PARCC is a test worth taking, IL T.O.Y. says

2 teachers of the year have written op-eds in different publications, saying they have examined PARCC tests and find them to be tests worth taking.

Conn. to withhold funding from opt-out schools

States have been asked, by the US Dept of Ed, to deal with opt-outs, and Conn. plans to make withholding funds part of the state's strategy.

American Revolution is like ‘real’ change in schools

Education needs a revolution, right? Sometimes, we all do. What will that revolution look like? It may not happen.

SCOTUS denies appeal in NY vaccination case

The Supreme Court has decided not to hear a case that allows New York schools to send non-vaccinated students home if an outbreak occurs.

Calif. schools didn’t tell parents about opting out

Some parents in Calif. say it was illegal for their kids' school district not to notify them they had the right to opt out of state tests.

Poll: Americans see schools as more than a test

The latest PDK poll came out Sunday. People don't like tests, are split on opting out, and like their local schools.

Ohio & Md. move to limit testing

Ohio and Md. lawmakers have taken different paths to a solution, but both have the same goal: reduce testing that only serves to satisfy federal law.

Md. school test coordinator raises PARCC issues

We respond, once again, to objections levied by a Md. charter school test coordinator about the PARCC tests.

Md. parent rambles about Common Core standards

We respond, yet once again, to a parent who fails to see the benefits of the Common Core State Standards or the tests that are designed to measure them.

One way or another, getting out of standardized tests

Now that PARCC testing has begun in several states, the opt-out movement is gaining traction in political circles, even in states like Maryland.