Monday, May 10, 2021
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Instead of 2 parts, PARCC tests might become 1

PARCC officials in Ohio said they might consider streamlining 2 parts for each subject test down to only 1 part, making tests shorter in math and English.

Md. school test coordinator raises PARCC issues

We respond, once again, to objections levied by a Md. charter school test coordinator about the PARCC tests.

One way or another, getting out of standardized tests

Now that PARCC testing has begun in several states, the opt-out movement is gaining traction in political circles, even in states like Maryland.

Demo of new math question types on PARCC online tests

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the format of math questions on the online version of the PARCC tests (video).

Are the PARCC online tests better than paper?

I created a short video to help students and teachers prepare for the online versions of tests from PARCC, which will be given next spring in IL and Md.

PARCC testing window worries some Md. schools

Some Md. schools worry they won't be able to complete all the testing for PARCC this spring because resource limitations.

On preparing schools for online testing from PARCC

Schools should already be preparing for online testing this spring. Whatever your politics behind these tests may be, here's a checklist to help with preparation.

Public bid law under scope in La. for PARCC tests

There's a lawsuit in Louisiana over whether the state board, the governor, or the simple rule of law has dominion. It keeps getting better.

PARCC field test begins

Field tests began today for PARCC, aligned to the Common Core, and challenging kids not only with finding the answers but with defending them.

Costs, technology drive Georgia etc. out of PARCC

Georgia has dropped out of a major testing consortium, and other states are considering the idea, due primarily to the increased costs they would incur and to technology concerns.