Monday, January 30, 2023
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On banning LGBTQ-related books (opinion)

Older students, i.e., those in high school, are generally opposed to banning any books. Many groups try to ban LGBTQ-themed books.

K-3 teachers who ‘Say Gay’ in Fla. may lose license

The Florida State Board of Education approved a rule that could take licenses away from K-3 teachers who violate a new state law.

School privatization connects to teacher shortages

Educators warn that parents' rights advocates are playing into the hands of those who seek to destroy public schools.

District didn’t violate parent rights on gender identity

Parents have the right to raise their children, but school policies regarding gender identity generally don't violate parents' rights.

Parents seek to curb moral indoctrination

The teaching of critical race theory, gender identity, and so on, is coming under fire from parents and governors, despite its minimal influence.

Calif. schools didn’t tell parents about opting out

Some parents in Calif. say it was illegal for their kids' school district not to notify them they had the right to opt out of state tests.