Friday, June 18, 2021
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Aggressive play is a rehearsal for angry peers

When children play aggressively, they may be "rehearsing" for peers who have bad tempers, new research suggests.

Surfing is fun for troubled kids & hungry crocs

Research suggests that play is an important component of intelligence and learning. Why not teach kids lessons that keep them safe?

Love in the air & on stage at Cary-Grove

Many parts of our world are dominated by one gender or the other, but not surprisingly, some aspects of life are the same for everyone.

The case of recycling tires for school playgrounds

The Supreme Court will hear a case this term involving the funding of programs that make recycled tires available for playgrounds at church-based schools.

Many kids spend time with firearms

Do you talk with your child's pediatrician about gun ownership in the home? Maybe it's a good idea, just like you talk about car seats.

Playing outdoors can improve kids’ well-being

Kids today spend too much time with smartphones and not enough playing outdoors, a new study out of Scotland finds.

Seeing benefits, a school expands recess

Maybe we should increase the amount of time young children spend in recess or in unstructured play. It might help learning.

A new playground is built in a single day

A playground near a Maryland apartment building went up in a day and created learning opportunities for several kids, many of them homeless.