Friday, September 18, 2020
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Loan forgiveness gains some bipartisan support

One Republican from GA, who used to work under Betsy DeVos at the US Education Dept, offers a plan to forgive some student loan debt.

Teacher ed leaders take stand against quackery

A report released by hundreds of deans and other leaders of teacher colleges across the country says counterproductive forces are at work.

A big online charter school is folding in Ohio

A huge online charter school will shut its doors in Ohio, leaving ~12k students scrambling to find other educational options.

N.H. voucher bill passes the state House

Vouchers are on their way in New Hampshire, as the state House comfortably approved a voucher bill earlier this month. Now it goes to the Senate.

Trump denies vulgar comment, says he’s no racist

We see in the president a failure to understand history of the US, and with that, reflect on history lessons in our schools.

Want trumps need as Congress passes tax reform

The new tax law passed, and most Americans can be expected to get a few more dollars every paycheck. What will it cost us?

DeVos graduation speech in Baltimore draws protest

The US ed. sec. delivered a graduation speech at the U. of Baltimore Monday, but several people protested her appearance.

Emphatically, Douglas Co., Colo., condemns vouchers

School board elections in Douglas Co., Colo., were contentious and expensive. Voucher candidates were defeated.

Hogan won’t sign ESSA plan for Maryland

Md.'s gov. wouldn't sign off on the state board's school accountability plan, but his objections were based on the use of standardized tests.

DeVos wants US to rethink schools’ mundane malaise

US Ed Sec'y Betsy DeVos said for too many kids, school is just a "mundane malaise" that hasn't been updated in at least 2 generations. Agree?