Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Should IL require seat belts on school buses?

A few lawmakers in IL wonder whether it would be effective to require large school buses to come equipped with seat belts. Would it save lives?

Bill would give student journalists more ‘freedom’

Legislation now under consideration in Md., IL, and a few other states would provide actual freedom of the press to student newspapers.

Students want a ‘bag bill’ in Md. this time

Maryland may pass legislation that would make people pay a dime if they are given a disposable bag at the grocery store. It could reduce pollution.

Md. social hosting law said to be inadequate

Underage drinking is recognized as a problem that can lead to dangers, such as drunk driving accidents. A Md. legislator wants to help.

Lower drinking age linked to higher dropout rate

Simply lowering the legal drinking age to 18 to combat binge drinking on college campuses may be short-sighted. H.S. kids might be hurt.

States should remove religious vaccine exemption

Should parents be able to exempt their children from vaccinations because of religious or philosophical beliefs?

Hungry students want to change food truck law

A variety of food choices at lunch is what kids say they want; the USDA stands behind nutrition standards in the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

La. won't repeal creationism law this year

Efforts in Louisiana backed by scientists, have failed to repeal a law that many say promotes religion & creationism; it turns evolution into a non-fact.

Suspensions down in Chi-town

Recognizing the academic benefits of keeping kids in schools, movements are afoot everywhere to reduce out-of-school suspensions, including IL (SB 100).

Dems propose charter moratorium in Michigan

A handful of Democrats in Michigan want to propose a moratorium on the approval of charter schools, which Republicans say won't fly.