Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Mont. scholarship fund excludes religious schools

Can a state send money to religious schools? Well, it's complicated. For certain purposes, yes; SCOTUS will define it a little more this term.

On intertwining religion and education in high school

Transitioning to a public high school from a religious middle school can be smooth or not. But many students keep their faith.

Merry Christmas etc. to all

Schools are out, so there's not much news to report. We want to wish you a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, happy whatever! Just be happy!

The case of recycling tires for school playgrounds

The Supreme Court will hear a case this term involving the funding of programs that make recycled tires available for playgrounds at church-based schools.

Parents walk out over Santa field trip

A Christmas tradition at an elementary school in Calif., visiting Santa, was cancelled after a Jewish parent objected to the field trip.