Friday, March 5, 2021
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Bacterial enzymes degrade plastic soda bottles

Recycling plastic is an important step in eliminating the pollution that fills our landfills, oceans, and our food supply. Enzymes can help.

Is coal clean? The president says it is.

Coal's not as clean as Pres. Trump tried to convince us it was, but we're making progress in cutting some pollutants from coal.

Zuckerberg shows keen interest in Okla. dreamers

A few h.s. and college students, all DACA recipients, had a chat with Facebook's co-founder and current CEO in Nov.

Identifying renewable output anywhere on Earth

University researchers have developed a tool that can predict savings from renewable energy resources anywhere. What would it be near your school?

Wind turbines number about 48k in the US

Wind turbines power homes, businesses, and entire communities. They may seem new, but the technology that drives them has been around for centuries.