Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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State robotics championships this weekend

There's a statewide competition this weekend for robotics in just about all 50 states. National competition to follow.

Large-scale DDoS attack shuts us down

A DDoS attack, initiated by criminals on compromised networks of computers, known as botnets, took Voxitatis offline for a moment these past few days.

Company sued for expanding school robo-texts

Technology has made it easy for schools to notify parents in an emergency by robocall or robo-text. But has it gone too far?

Our brain keeps playing simulations, so we survive

A special area of our brain is constantly running "simulations" about what's happening in the world, like some big gaming computer.

Quinn the robot teaches geometry in groups

A robot is helping students learn geometry. Research points us toward moving students into collaborative groups, away from 1-to-1 device use.

Service learning hours lead to a Rubik’s Cube club

The world record for Rubik's Cube fell in Maryland last month, but for other speed cubers, it's done in the name of service and fun.

Elementary kids code a robot into space

A contest asks elementary students (ages 6–11) to program a robot for a space mission. Grand prize: a STEM field trip to Calif.