Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Citing safety, Centennial disbands varsity football

Centennial HS in Ellicott City, Md., doesn't have enough varsity football players this fall to field a complete team and still attend to the safety of players.

Galena referendum seeks construction, safety

Should Galena schools be upgraded? It will take a voter-approved bond issue to make that happen, and voters will decide in April.

Kids may think marijuana less harmful if legalized

If the recreational use of marijuana is legalized, some 8th and 10th graders in Washington tend to think the drug is less harmful. No real change seen in Colo.

Should IL require seat belts on school buses?

A few lawmakers in IL wonder whether it would be effective to require large school buses to come equipped with seat belts. Would it save lives?

Would seat belts on school buses save lives?

Should we fit buses with seat belts or require that schools or school bus companies put seat belts on school buses? Would it save lives?

Many kids spend time with firearms

Do you talk with your child's pediatrician about gun ownership in the home? Maybe it's a good idea, just like you talk about car seats.

School bus fire in Md., accident in IL

A school bus caught fire in College Park, Md., yesterday. No injuries were reported, thanks to the heroic actions of the bus driver.

Retinas at risk from laser pointers

Some inexpensive (and no doubt well-used) laser pointers may damage students' retinas if used improperly or if insufficient safety precautions are taken.

Md. looks at law to require seat belts on buses

Should school buses come with seat belts? Data are equivocal, but some Md. legislators want to make seat belts a requirement.

Kids bring guns into 2 suburban Chicago schools

Two students have been charged, one as a juvenile, one as an adult, with weapons violations for bringing guns to their schools in the northwest suburbs.