Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Enrollment drops in U.S. public schools

Public school enrollment dropped this year. No surprise, given families' frustrations with online learning. Budget shortfalls loom.

Attendance is an issue in virtual classes

Keeping track of students in a virtual classroom is becoming increasingly difficult: Where are these kids spending their days?

More counselors, student voice sought in Montgomery

School counselors provide valuable services for students, including mental health and college counseling. More are needed in 1 Md. district.

Bullying hurts schools financially, too

Bullying costs schools the right to provide a safe learning environment, but in many cases it also costs schools money. A lot of money.

2, 4, 6, 8: Not everyone gets to participate

College marching bands and cheerleading squads don't always get to go to bowl games, given logistical and financial challenges.

Peoria SD 150 board talks about fine arts savings

Some classes in the fine arts, like beginning orchestra and concert orchestra, could be combined in one IL school district. It's not pretty.

Baltimore's AP summer program may be cut

A summer program for advanced (AP) students at a high school in Baltimore City may fall victim to the budget ax this year. We hope that doesn't happen.

Cuts in Chicago, Alabama will have drastic impact on schools

0 Most government agencies are cutting costs anywhere they can these days, but in some cases, the cuts are severe enough to result in a...