Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Baltimore’s Renaissance Academy will continue

A troubled high school in Baltimore will remain open, thanks to strong and loving feedback from students and the community. And $1 million in cash.

Highland Park board member resigns in protest

A district on Chicago's N. Shore is going through a tough time, and the outgoing supt. thinks some schools should be closed. Not everyone agrees.

Students opt out with testing overload

Opting out of tests has become a habit, esp. in some states, like N.Y. Teachers College surveyed parents to determine their reasons.

Positive effects seen from NYC H.S. closures

The closure of low-performing high schools in New York brought considerable resistance from communities, but the end result may have been positive.

Carroll Co. resident hopes board faces hard facts

We respond to a letter that says school board shouldn't push the panic button whenever it might be necessary to close a school.

Time to call it a band. And a school.

We bid farewell to one of the Chicago area's premier high school marching bands on our way to the largest marching event in the nation.

Dyett hunger strikers get a small win

Protesters will continue a hunger strike, even after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed a decent-sounding compromise.

Dyett hunger strikers go to Washington

Federal officials heard about the hunger strike at Dyett HS in Chicago, but we wonder, What good will come of it?

Lincoln-Way CHSD 210 votes to close North H.S.

A high school that rose during the pre-recession housing boom in Chicago's southwest suburbs will close at the end of this school year.

Courts may consider disparate impact analysis

A SCOTUS case from Texas seriously tested the use of disparate impact theory in racial discrimination claims. Victory.