Friday, September 25, 2020
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Not as many Dunlap 5th graders play an instrument

Music teachers in a central IL community would like the board to reduce or eliminate an activity fee, at least for 4th graders.

Kirwan commission issues preliminary report

A commission in Md. has issued its preliminary report about how the state should spend money to improve the quality of education for students.

Md. county hits the opioid crisis head-on

The opioid crisis has caused schools to adjust their services, sometimes beyond the needs of current funding or staffing levels.

Penn. school funding fight can proceed to trial

A nationally famous school funding case can proceed to trial, the Penn. Supreme Court ruled. The decision could affect schools everywhere.

Trump wants $200 million more for STEM & CS

President Trump encouraged study in the STEM disciplines, including computer science, especially for minorities.

IL school funding resolution not all peaceful

A compromise was reached in the IL school funding fiasco, but one provision, a voucher program, troubles some educators and politicians.

‘This Week’ in the IL school funding mess

School funding in IL has a due date tomorrow, and it still seems to be in limbo at the center of mostly bipartisan politics and games.

Talks break down; IL school funding imperiled

Payments from the state to IL schools are in jeopardy unless the governor and General Assembly can, somehow, pass a bill.

School funding politics and games in IL

School funding is held up in IL, despite approval of a state budget this month, over disagreements between the governor and lawmakers.

With approved state budget, IL looks at schools

School funding in IL is still threatened, owing to an amendatory veto power Gov Bruce Rauner may have. Lawmakers may have a special session.