Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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IL needs to pass a state budget and quick

The state of Illinois has failed to pass a budget, and schools are drawing on reserves and finding other ways to cut expenses—just to stay open.

Is Trump at war with science?

We wonder, along with many people, why the president seeks to cut funding for basic scientific research in favor of the military.

Kan. Supreme Court orders equity in school funding

Kansas funded its schools equitably, but there is still a need in the state to challenge the notion that tax cuts lead to prosperity.

Md. school funding commission leader named

A new educational funding commission in Md. will be chaired by a man with a legacy of expanding spending in the name of "innovation."

Conn. to withhold funding from opt-out schools

States have been asked, by the US Dept of Ed, to deal with opt-outs, and Conn. plans to make withholding funds part of the state's strategy.

We're judging schools wrong: IL state supt.

The new IL state supt. of education spoke candidly to the Daily Herald about what school leaders need to do to help kids succeed in school.

Black America 'in a state of emergency'

Federal lawmakers said racism is alive and well in the US, and it causes more than a few problems. Starting with health. Also schools.

A little extra money helps Native Amer. school

A little Impact Aid from the federal government is helping an elementary school in Michigan, and by helping, we mean "a lot."

Rauner signs part of budget: the part for schools

Gov Rauner (IL) signed approved funding for an increase in the general state aid to schools and a new proration rate of 92%.

Play in PA tells a story of inequity in school funding

A documentary play, based on real-life interviews, premiered in Philadelphia this week. School funding, based on property taxes, is unfair.