Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Distracted learning can be a big problem

Distractions can impair learning, drawing resources from the same brain regions as the mastery of course material. What to do?

Chicago students petition for e-learning changes

Studies about e-learning's poor quality of "learning" are on the books. Now students are starting to make their voices heard.

TV, computer use affects reading, math scores

8-year-olds who watch too much TV show reduced reading scores 3 years later; when they use a computer too much, numeracy scores go down.

Why Snapchat is so popular with young people

What is it that motivates young people to use Snapchat? Posts disappear after just a few seconds, without any deep thought, but is there more to it?

Too much TV linked to lower school readiness

Does TV watching and other screen time affect low-income students differently from their more affluent peers? Research shows it does.

Parents, Poundstone want screen safety laws

Some parents and one famous comedian want Maryland legislators to enact screen safety laws because students are nearsighted and use computers a lot.

Some teen health issues linked with screen time

Watching too much TV has been linked to health problems like obesity and poor diet, but more and more, those screens are on smartphones. Same issues.

Ontario teens feel psychological stress

Teens are stressed out in Ontario, Canada, and probably elsewhere in the world: screen time, social media, video gaming blamed.

Playing outdoors can improve kids’ well-being

Kids today spend too much time with smartphones and not enough playing outdoors, a new study out of Scotland finds.