Saturday, April 17, 2021
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1 in 7 teens is a victim of stalking

Many US teens are victimized by stalkers in their most formative years, which can increase the likelihood those teens engage in risky behaviors.

Colo. students caught trading 100s of nude photos

A sexting incident at a Colo. HS has revealed a class of smartphone apps known as photo vaults to several school officials and parents.

Teen sexting is vexing

Teen sexting is on the rise, and adults are left, mostly, wondering what to do about it. Some options are offered.

Boy who posted nude photos of a girl sues school

A Miss. boy is suing his high school over the punishment imposed for his posting of nude pictures of a fellow student, a minor girl.

Md. teen charged in child pornography case

A teenager from Anne Arundel County has been charged as a juvenile with distributing sexually explicit photos of girls via social networks.

Barrington middle schoolers charged in sexting case

A sexting case in IL shows the danger of putting any kind of data online: it never goes away and can have long-lasting repercussions.

Movie review: Disconnect (2012)

A study released Sunday shows that 16% of high schoolers are victims of cyberbullying, and that gives us a good chance to review an independent film showing in only a few theaters across America.