Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Despite social media, no shooting at Pekin H.S.

Despite what students may have heard via social media, there was never a real threat to student safety at a h.s. near Peoria, IL.

In marketing, what’s a Facebook “like” worth?

Here's a causal study of the effects of "liking" a page or a company on Facebook. What does it do for a company to build up followers?

Nighttime social media use linked to well-being

Kids who wake up at night to check social media updates from their friends tend to be less happy and more tired in school and life.

Facebook friends may predict college alcoholism

When in college, how a woman uses social networking may predict how likely it will be that she abuses alcohol, according to new research out of Georgia.

Have online social networks made HS reunions obsolete?

Online social networks and "friends" have rendered high school reunions obsolete.