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Chicago teacher strike enters calendar week 2

Chicago teachers strike for the 3rd day Monday; the union wants smaller class sizes and support for paraprofessionals.

Chicago teachers will begin a strike Thursday

Chicago Public Schools teachers are expected to begin a strike Thursday. The last one, in 2012, lasted 7 school days.

Hayfield & Newsies in the summer of ’99—1899

When young people feel at a disadvantage at the hands of unfair adults, there's no stopping them. Even on the musical stage.

Denver teachers on strike Monday

Teachers will walk out on strike Monday in Denver, as last-minute talks broke down Saturday; teacher base pay is the issue.

Similar struggles have led to teachers’ strikes

Teachers have been on strike for 4 days in L.A., and talks are continuing. Here's a brief analysis of the underlying causes.

Now playing at an L.A. school near you

When half a million kids are out of school but still go to school, what do you do? Herd them into a gym and show them a movie, of course.

Yes, schools are open during the L.A. strike

Los Angeles teachers are on strike, demanding smaller class sizes, more counselors, librarians, and nurses for students, and a bigger raise.

Many teachers work a 2nd job, but why?

Many public school teachers say they work a 2nd job, but is it to make ends meet because we don't pay them enough, or what?

Teachers restless, many on strike in the West

Teacher strikes and threats of strikes range from Los Angeles to Washington state. Most are over salaries and merit a closer look.

Okla. teachers may walk out over pay on Monday

Teachers have had enough low pay. Many take 2nd jobs or sell blood plasma to pad their income. Strike possible Monday.