Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Chicago teachers will begin a strike Thursday


Chicago Public Schools classes are canceled Thursday, October 17, due to a planned teachers’ strike, which is expected to begin on picket lines throughout the city Thursday morning.

(Chicago Teachers Union and Milwaukee Teachers Education Association / via Twitter)

Janice Jackson, the CEO of CPS, said classes would be canceled on the expectation that the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates will vote with their bargaining team’s recommendation to go forward with a strike. The delegates are meeting Wednesday evening.

“We’re assuming that the House of Delegates will vote today to move forward with a strike, and as a result all classes and after school activities will be cancelled tomorrow,” the Chicago Tribune quoted her as saying. “This includes team practices and competitions, tutoring, field trips, internships, Parent University activities and all other community activities.”

News reports say school buildings will remain open during the strike in order to accommodate students who need a place to go during weekdays until the strike ends. A brief list of other places and activities for kids during the strike was posted by WGN-TV.

Paul Katula
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