Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Chicago students petition for e-learning changes

Studies about e-learning's poor quality of "learning" are on the books. Now students are starting to make their voices heard.

Chicago teacher strike enters calendar week 2

Chicago teachers strike for the 3rd day Monday; the union wants smaller class sizes and support for paraprofessionals.

Chicago teachers will begin a strike Thursday

Chicago Public Schools teachers are expected to begin a strike Thursday. The last one, in 2012, lasted 7 school days.

Weather extremes envelop the Earth

Extreme weather (drought and heat in the summer, cold in the winter) sweeps the planet. A result of climate change?

Almost everything is closed in the cold

Cold weather, very cold weather in fact, has caused most schools, universities, etc., in northern IL to close Wed. & Thurs.

Chicago will lose millions over Title IX violations

Chicago Public Schools hasn't kept students safe from sexual abuse by peers or teachers, so the feds are going to withhold funds.

Cops don’t stop & talk to kids, kids start shooting

After a school shooting, which may be on the increase, the students at the school eventually return and go on with their lives.

Chicago mayor will not seek re-election

Rahm Emanuel won't seek a 3rd term as Chicago's mayor. Some reforms may prove effective, but controversy surrounded him constantly.

Hirsch H.S. & others in Chicago dropped football

Charter schools are common in Chicago. The city wants to put another one inside an existing h.s. that has had its budget cut.

Chicago considers closing 4 Englewood high schools

4 high schools in one of Chicago's poorest and most African-American communities may close to build a new state-of-the-art h.s.