Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Should Chicago schools provide arrest info?

A civil rights group sues the Chgo. Public Schools to get info it says is vital to reducing the school-to-prison pipeline, esp. for African-Americans.

Study underscores need for teacher diversity

Black students may work better with black teachers, perhaps as role models. But even white students statistically prefer black and Latino teachers.

Chicago teachers authorize a strike

Chicago teachers have voted to authorize a strike if contract negotiations fall through. Unknown at this time if it can be averted.

Chicago teacher allegedly videotaped a bathroom

A Chicago teacher was charged with unauthorized videotaping child porn. He allegedly installed a camera in a bathroom.

‘D. Rose’ guilty of murder in Chicago

A murderer of a Chicago teenager was convicted and faces up to 45 years. The victim was trying to make life better in his community.

Resilience grants to St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago

The US Department of Education announced grants to promote student resilience following community trauma for St. Louis, Chicago, and Baltimore City.

Chicago lays off 508 teachers, 521 others

Public school teachers in Chicago have been laid off—again. Most will undoubtedly be rehired, if they choose to apply for open positions at other schools.

Chicago teachers march in fierce protest

The budget impasse in Illinois is dire and may result in school closures and failures on the part of school district to pay teachers.

Chicago grad rate adjusted down due to error

CPS adjusted its graduation rates to account for dropouts who were incorrectly classified as students who transferred to another school.

Hunger strike ends; #FightForDyett lives on

A hunger strike in Chicago ends on Day 34, but the fight for equity in public education, esp. in large urban districts, continues.