Friday, February 28, 2020
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Chance the Rapper: Take Lyft & give to CPS arts ed

If you get a ride from Lyft in Chicago, you can round up your fare to the next dollar and have the extra money help support arts ed in Chicago.

1 game interrupted by gunfire, next 1 cancelled

Tonight's football game at Chicago Hope Academy has been cancelled out of concern for the safety of players, fans, and school staff.

Mainland schools ready for Puerto Rican students

Puerto Rican students are expected to have to continue their education on the mainland, because their schools can't be used after Hurricane Maria.

Chicago schools to teach police torture

Chicago 8th graders & freshmen will learn a new subject starting this year: how certain police officers coerced confessions by torturing black suspects.

Chance the Rapper dazzles the Bud Billiken Parade

Chance the Rapper, an outspoken advocate for students in Chicago Public Schools, was the grand marshal at an annual parade for the school year.

School funding politics and games in IL

School funding is held up in IL, despite approval of a state budget this month, over disagreements between the governor and lawmakers.

Chicago schools to provide meals during summer

Lunch options for Chicago schoolkids this summer got a boost with the district's LunchStop program, providing access to nutritious meals.

Kennedy Center cheers real jazz from Kenwood

The jazz band from Chicago's Kenwood Academy performed on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington this evening. Words fail me.

Judge denies Chicago’s ‘right’ to elected school board

A lawsuit by a former IL gov. and a few residents seeks to have the courts order the city of Chicago to have an elected school board.

Chicago Public Schools: Rauner cheats kids

Chicago Public Schools sent out a letter earlier this week, blaming Gov. Rauner of being like Pres. Trump, stealing from the most vulnerable children.