Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Giant puppet dreads declaration signed by NYC students

2 NY teachers taught a lesson about the Declaration of Independence using a large scroll modeled after the document in that it was intended to tell a government about the wrongs being inflicted on its subjects.

Transcription: April 30 student protest in Providence, RI

A student-led protest in Rhode Island, mainly against standardized, high-stakes testing, has convinced a few people that students know what they're talking about.

Vox ætatis: Protesting standardized tests in Colorado

The Latin phrase "vox ætatis" means "voice of an age group." In our first installment in the new series, we asked a leader of a student-led group opposed to some standardized tests a few questions.

Publishing a spoof on standardized tests by an 8th-grader

The Washington Post published a "standardized test" that was written by an 8th-grade student in New York. It's all in fun, but with any good joke, there are elements of truth.