Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Hayfield & Newsies in the summer of ’99—1899

When young people feel at a disadvantage at the hands of unfair adults, there's no stopping them. Even on the musical stage.

Student-led marches about guns sweep the nation

The gun-themed March for Our Lives took place in dozens of cities across America (and the world), incl. Washington.

Students walk out over gun and safety issues

Student protests over gun violence and school safety occurred in the US Wednesday, with students walking out for 17 mins.

Students walk out in protest over gun laws

A massive student protest across America underscored the desire on their part to reconsider the nation's gun laws.

Trump listens; parents & students talk school safety

Students and parents met with the president today to keep him informed about school safety and the need to something this time.

DACA: the other school problem that won’t go away

If Congress doesn't act by Mar. 5, protection will start expiring for US residents who came to the country illegally as children.

The NFL season comes down to this

This wasn't such a good season for the Bears or the Ravens, but they have ties now back to the Univ. of Del. that look promising.

Civic engagement can help teens grow

Civic engagement during the teen years carries over into adulthood, esp. in reaching a higher level of academic completion.

Women around the world march to the polls

The Women's March took place in 100s of places across the US, as women took to the streets over several important issues.

Va. student allegedly disciplined for sitting for pledge

Not participating during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance got a student kicked out of class. Now the teacher is gone.