Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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DeVos graduation speech in Baltimore draws protest

The US ed. sec. delivered a graduation speech at the U. of Baltimore Monday, but several people protested her appearance.

Chicago considers closing 4 Englewood high schools

4 high schools in one of Chicago's poorest and most African-American communities may close to build a new state-of-the-art h.s.

#GradTaxWalkout planned for noon today

A tax on graduate school tuition waivers as regular income is unfair & catastrophic. Students in the US take to the streets.

School Reform Commission in Philly votes to dissolve

The School Reform Commission will end in Philadelphia, following a historic vote Thursday. Next: mayoral control, and then ...?

A warning: Taking a knee is protected speech

For taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem at a sports contest, schools shouldn't punish students in any way.

Ames band members walk off during national anthem

13 band members at Ames H.S. in Iowa walked off during the national anthem at a football game Friday. Protests continue.

Using the national anthem in protest isn’t a new idea

Poets and other artists were using the national anthem in protest long before the NFL was a spark of an idea in anyone's mind.

A Jewish student in Chicago considers Charlottesville

When Jewish students (and black students) consider the white supremacy movement that seemed to surge in Charlottesville, they're angry.

Students’ pic goes viral from Trump rally

A rally led by Pres Trump in Phoenix last month brought instant online fame to 3 students from a Gilbert, AZ, h.s. Also hateful comments.

In Portland, the day after & the day before

Anti-white supremacy marchers dotted the nation yesterday, including here in Portland, Ore. Trump tweeted something about healing.