Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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9th Circuit hears about Trump’s travel ban

Protests began right after Pres. Trump issued a travel ban on people from certain countries. Even at small airports, college students joined in.

Women around the world march in protest

Protests in hundreds of cities around the world sounded a universal call for women's rights and the need to keep protecting equality for all individuals.

Blow up the White House, Madonna thinks

Violent rhetoric from the Women's marches, and violent actions from the inauguration are being reported. Unacceptable.

Student walkouts join Trump protests

Walkouts, protests, some rioting occurred today in schools in connection with the inauguration of Donald Trump as the country's 45th president.

Protests and bullying at an Iowa City H.S.

Hatred and bigotry are being protested at an Iowa City high school, but reports of bullying and other troubling behaviors persist.

Skit at a Texas H.S. simulates Trump assassination

Students in an English class in San Antonio performed a skit that simulated the assassination of a President Trump.

Trump supporter, a student, beaten in Md.

A student was beaten during a protest Wed. in Rockville, Md., and the county supt. expects students not to walk out of school.

Montgomery Co. students walk out over Trump

Students in Maryland, D.C., and several other places around the country are walking in the streets to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Whites bully immigrant, minority students

Widespread sharp increases in bullying of immigrant and minority students have been reported, increasing the level of fear those students feel.

Calif. students walk out in protest over Trump

Some students protested the election results today in Calif., and other places. Some protests were violent, but not too many.