Monday, October 18, 2021
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Principals call on DeVos not to abandon students

The nation's principals would like it if the US Ed. Dept. would listen more to students and stop abandoning them.

White teen assaulted in Chicago & on Facebook

The beating of a white, mentally disabled teen by 4 young black adults, broadcast on Facebook Live, has stirred outrage and concern.

Young people can resolve conflict without violence

Education Week published an op-ed written by directors of the U. of Chicago Crime Lab. What if we taught teens, in health class, to resist violence?

6 students, 3 staff stabbed at an Ontario H.S.

A stabbing at a high school near Toronto injured several people, including 6 students. Injuries weren't serious. Social media may hold clues.

After arrest for threats, U. Chicago resumes

A university student has been arrested in connection with online threats against White students at the University of Chicago.

Texas H.S. football players assault ref

A viral video has landed 2 football players from a San Antonio, Texas, HS in hot water for assaulting a referee during a game.