Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Obit: Isaiah Gonzalez; Blue Whale suicide challenge

An online game, Blue Whale suicide challenge, makes its way around the US on social media; some kids have killed themselves while playing.

Computer may identify student at risk for suicide

A computer can be trained to distinguish between suicidal and non-suicidal word usage, and the application can possibly be used in schools.

Lawsuit over teen suicide plan in Mundelein

An IL high school is being sued in order to force it to update its suicide prevention and awareness plan and inform families about the plan.

Boy drew lynching, has to take mental health exam

Creativity takes a blow, and teachers who expect students to be artistic should be better trained or more qualified to evaluate that artistic output.

Research suggests ways to reduce gun suicides

If only we could research guns, we might be able to make a dent in the 21,000 gun suicides that happen every year in the US.

Worcester Co. tackles suicide starting in schools

A health program in Worcester Co., Md., takes aim at suicide among young people in the county, a tall order for a resort town.

Suicide at the socioeconomic extremes

2014-15 saw an increase in media reports of teen suicide, both among those with missing parents & those with helicopter parents.

Lauryn’s Law will train counselors about suicide

Gov Larry Hogan signed Lauryn's Law, requiring counselors in Md. schools to receive training in mental health & suicide prevention. The state joins 22 others.

Blue ribbons for Grace

Students at a high school in Howard County, Md., want to remember a classmate who committed suicide after repeated cyberbullying.

Florida girl, 12, commits suicide after cyberbullying

The suicide of a Florida girl, following about a year of cyberbullying, should teach us that we need to put an end to it. Now.