Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Mont. scholarship fund excludes religious schools

Can a state send money to religious schools? Well, it's complicated. For certain purposes, yes; SCOTUS will define it a little more this term.

Movie review: On the Basis of Sex

A movie released on Christmas highlights an important case fought by Ruth Bader Ginsburg who now serves on the Supreme Court.

As long as we’re going back in time …

A look at the time when the first teachings of Christianity started to be proclaimed tells me the Kavanaugh process was wrong.

The Year of the Woman, #MeToo, & Supreme Court

What will come of Trump's 2nd Supreme Court nominee, now that charges of sexual assault have been made against him?

Janus decision is a blow to public schools

A decision by the US Supreme Court could affect the ability of teachers' unions to negotiate on behalf of rank-and-file teachers.

HSD 211 transgender suit drops feds as defendants

Which bathroom should transgender students use? The question is still in court, though it may be moot, since students have graduated.

Can you copyright a test question?

The Supreme Court ruled, again, that holders of intellectual property rights cannot impose restrictions on third-party buyers of their products. PARCC, look out!

Supreme Court will not hear transgender case now

SCOTUS decided not to hear the case of a transgender boy in Va. who is suing for his right to use the boys' bathroom at his school.

Texas judge halts transgender-student rules

A federal judge needs time to consider the transgender bathroom issued and issued an injunction in a lawsuit filed by 13 states.

Supreme Court upholds race-conscious admissions

In a somewhat surprising decision, the Supreme Court upheld race-conscious admissions decisions at the Univ. of Texas.