Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Biden’s teacher layoff number is likely false

The president-elect's claim that 666K teachers have been laid off during the pandemic is likely to be false.

How not to encourage people to teach

How do you keep good teachers teaching during the pandemic? Look at what motivates them to teach in the first place. Start there.

Teacher salaries are high in Maryland

Md. teachers are among the highest-paid teachers in the nation, according to the research website Niche.com. IL comes in 17th for new teachers.

Peers or teachers: Who inspires kids more?

When it comes to inspiring students to learn, it turns out teachers in our classrooms aren't quite as important as those students' peers.

Utah student fired. Then his mom disarmed him.

Parents who saw something said something at a Utah middle school. Thus a school shooting ended with nobody injured and a hole in the ceiling.

US releases new teacher training rules

New rules from the US Dept of Ed seek to improve the quality of teacher training in the US. We wish them good luck.

Chicago lays off 508 teachers, 521 others

Public school teachers in Chicago have been laid off—again. Most will undoubtedly be rehired, if they choose to apply for open positions at other schools.

Chicago Public Schools lays off hundreds of teachers

Chicago Schools laid off about 850 employees, incl. 545 of the district's 23,290 teachers. With a $1 bn budget deficit, the mayor blamed the cuts on Illinois's inability to fix its pension system.

Laid-off teachers can mean good or bad news for kids

Laying off a bunch of teachers can potentially affect a school or school district positively or negatively, the Bloomington Pantagraph reports. On the upside, the...