Teacher salaries are high in Maryland

Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, the average salary for first-year teachers in Maryland comes in sixth, at a little more than $43,000. Illinois comes in 17th, with an average starting salary for first-year teachers of $37,166, according to the research website Niche.com.

  1. District of Columbia — $51,539
  2. New Jersey — $48,631
  3. Alaska — $44,166
  4. New York — $43,839
  5. Wyoming — $43,269
  6. Maryland — $43,235

But according to Jonathan Munshaw in the Baltimore Business Journal, there’s some disparity from county to county within Maryland.

“In Montgomery County, the minimum starting salary for a full-time teacher is $48,528, according to the Maryland [State] Department of Education’s salary schedules [from last year],” he writes. “But 75 miles northeast, in Harford County, a teacher just starting out of college could have a salary that’s about $6,000 less.”

Teacher salaries in every state

Here is Niche.com’s ranking of mean teacher salaries in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, sorted in this table by the mean salary in the state for first-year teachers. Also presented, in the third column of the table, is the mean salary among all teachers in the jurisdiction.

According to Niche.com, teachers at private schools, on average, made less than teachers at public schools, but these data weren’t broken out by state.

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