Friday, August 7, 2020
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Janus decision is a blow to public schools

A decision by the US Supreme Court could affect the ability of teachers' unions to negotiate on behalf of rank-and-file teachers.

Okla. teachers may walk out over pay on Monday

Teachers have had enough low pay. Many take 2nd jobs or sell blood plasma to pad their income. Strike possible Monday.

W. Chgo. volunteer teachers suspend a few clubs

Teachers in West Chicago have been working without a contract, and now they have decided not to volunteer their time to sponsor some student clubs.

Study underscores need for teacher diversity

Black students may work better with black teachers, perhaps as role models. But even white students statistically prefer black and Latino teachers.

NLRB rules charter schools aren’t public schools

Two charter schools, one in NY, one in Pa., should be treated as private corporations under federal labor laws.

Gunfire at Oaxaca teachers’ union fight

Violence has erupted near Mexico City, as teachers in Oaxaca state protest government "reforms" that include strong teacher evaluations.

Chicago teachers march in fierce protest

The budget impasse in Illinois is dire and may result in school closures and failures on the part of school district to pay teachers.

What happens if the Supreme Court ties?

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia leaves several questions about cases this term that could now result in a tie vote if Pres Obama makes no new nominations.

Court hears arguments in union dues case

The US Supreme Court heard arguments today in a case that could require teachers' unions to operate in a substantially different environment.

5 of 11 biggest ed stories have national scope

Happy New Year! ESSA, #BlackLivesMatter, floods & tornadoes, concussions, charters, teachers' strikes, corruption: the big stories of 2015.