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No benefit to hands-on learning in college physics?

Physics experiments are hands-on. The pedagogical goal of learning physics may not be served, but certain labs still have value.

Kids praised for being smart more likely to cheat

As opposed to praising kids for "doing a good job," praising them for "being smart" can backfire and increase their tendency to cheat.

FAIL: Mythbusting about learning styles

We look, once again, at teen learning styles & propose that, while they are neuromyths, they can help instruction.

Flaw emerges in the theory of learning styles

No support for education "experts" who think tailoring instruction based on "Learning Styles" (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) actually works.

How to (p)raise successful kids

Parents, coaches, and teachers can encourage kids to develop a growth mindset, as opposed to a fixed one. This will help them keep learning throughout life.

It’s better not to be the ‘bottom dog’

Middle school structure, like making it a K-8 school instead of a 6-8 school, might improve 6th graders chances of success, new research suggests.

Baltimore rapper tells teachers he’s not stupid

How many different kinds of intelligence are there? An infinite number, actually. So why don't we teach based on those?

Teens learn better from rewards than punishments

Risky adolescent behavior is well documented, but why does it happen and how can it be helped? Computational analysis has a few answers.

Mistakes are better teachers than perfection

Maybe we learn more from our mistakes than we learn from getting things right from the beginning, new research suggests.

Which works better: Punishment or reward?

A simple experiment devised at Washington U. suggests punishment, even small, is more likely than reward to influence behavior.