Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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As predicted, bottom drops out on N.Y.'s state tests

Our analysis reveals possible problems with the test design in New York, and we are concerned with alignment to the Common Core.

Costs, technology drive Georgia etc. out of PARCC

Georgia has dropped out of a major testing consortium, and other states are considering the idea, due primarily to the increased costs they would incur and to technology concerns.

Giant puppet dreads declaration signed by NYC students

2 NY teachers taught a lesson about the Declaration of Independence using a large scroll modeled after the document in that it was intended to tell a government about the wrongs being inflicted on its subjects.

Computer glitch halts standardized testing in Ind.

A computer glitch caused Indiana's standardized testing to be interrupted for at least a day into the testing window Monday. The company is "working to resolve the issue." Great!

Vox ætatis: Protesting standardized tests in Colorado

The Latin phrase "vox ætatis" means "voice of an age group." In our first installment in the new series, we asked a leader of a student-led group opposed to some standardized tests a few questions.

Publishing a spoof on standardized tests by an 8th-grader

The Washington Post published a "standardized test" that was written by an 8th-grade student in New York. It's all in fun, but with any good joke, there are elements of truth.

ISBE extends accommodations for Dixon teachers’ strike

The teachers' strike in Dixon, Ill., now in its 9th day, has forced school officials, all the way up to the Assessment Division at the Illinois State Board of Education, to make special accommodations to give students every chance to complete state testing.