Sunday, September 20, 2020
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TV, computer use affects reading, math scores

8-year-olds who watch too much TV show reduced reading scores 3 years later; when they use a computer too much, numeracy scores go down.

Neb. trying to tie state tests to classroom practice

One state is trying hard to integrate district testing priorities with state accountability needs, but it'll only work if data comes back quickly.

Another data breach, this time in New York

Personal data about dozens of New York students was compromised by a former employee of one of the state's vendors for testing.

Miss. school sparks the flame of success

A focus on attendance and investment by the community in the school's goals has helped one Miss. elementary turn around.

Girl in England talks exam-based depression in teens

Exams are tough and they cause teenagers stress—not just in the US, but in England as well, where the kids have a higher stake in the tests.

PARCC Inc. is dissolved

The manager of standardized tests used extensively in IL and Md. dissolved as of today. The tests will continue for now.

Testing on computer sometimes affects your score

For elementary and middle school students, computer test-delivery platforms that don't allow them to return to previous questions could lead to lower scores.

Poet can’t answer test questions on own poem

A prolific poet found out 2 of her poems were selected for a standardized test, and she was bewildered when she couldn't answer the questions about them.

Surf the net in class, get lower final exam scores

Students who used a laptop during class lectures, for non-academic use, like surfing, tend to get lower scores on the final exam in the course.

STEM enrichment may not help math scores

For students in 1 UK study, continued participation in STEM enrichment activities, like camps and other hands-on fun activities, don't appreciably boost math scores.