Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Feds: IL broke the law on PARCC test last year

There's more to the story about Illinois dropping the PARCC tests for high school students next year, after using the tests for the last two years.

Ravitch still opposes Common Core: NYT

The Common Core has taken root, but there are experts among educators who would rather we use something else for math & English.

N.J. to require PARCC for graduation

The Garden State will begin requiring students to pass the PARCC tests or some other test (or submit a portfolio) for high school graduation in 2021.

US teen beauty becomes standardized

The Miss Teen USA pageant showed that, sometimes, standardized qualities, like teen beauty, pay off; they don't in other cases, though.

They’ve had enough (online) testing in Alaska

Test results are important for schools, but technical computer problems and opt-outs continue to frustrate educators across the US.

Run-down schools trigger low test scores

It's a chain reaction: If the cafeteria smells bad, kids call in "sick" and show a reduction in academic performance at those run-down schools.

Digital device choice affects test scores

Students who take standardized high school tests online using tablets score lower than those who take the tests on laptops.

IL bids a partial adieu to PARCC tests

The IL board took a step back on PARCC yesterday: The state will use the test only for grades 3-8, not high school.

Egyptians cheat on exam to get into college

Egyptian high school students took an exam, the answers for which were posted on Facebook before the exam was even administered.

Md. to require test scores for H.S. graduation

Md. high school students will soon have to achieve a certain score on the PARCC tests (or a suitable substitute) in order to receive a high school diploma.