Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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U.S. tornado alley expands eastward

Research has detected a pattern in the occurrence of tornadoes related to climate change: 'Tornado Alley' is expanding.

Tornadoes after Florence rip through central Virginia

Hurricane Florence and remnants thereof have left broad sections of the Carolinas and Virginia reeling in the aftermath.

More Nov. tornadoes in OH, IN, PA, IL

A few tornadoes caused damaged buildings in the Midwest over the weekend. No serious injuries reported. Yes, in November.

Deadly tornadoes strike southeastern U.S.

Tornadoes in several states in the Southeast damaged property, killed at least 18 people, and injured dozens of others.

Severe storms rake nation’s midsection

Severe storms raked through Kansas, Oklahoma, and even as far east as Indiana Tuesday afternoon. Tornadoes and 4-inch hail were reported.

Dozens die in tornadoes & flooding from TX to IL

Severe storms were responsible for the deaths of more than 40 people, causes ranging from tornado damage to being swept away in their cars.

Severe weather in N. IL, incl. tornado in Frankfort

Severe weather, including at least 1 tornado, caused property damage and cancellation of football games Friday in northern Illinois.

EF1 tornado blows school roof into teacher's yard

A tornado in Grayslake took out part of a high school roof, but school will be open for business within a week and a half.

Most powerful Chicago-area tornado in 25 years

An EF-3 tornado struck Coal City, IL. It was the strongest tornado to hit the Chicago area in 25 years. 5 injured, property damage.

Tornadoes near Rockford kill 2, level homes

Tornadoes and thunderstorms on Thursday injured more than a dozen people and killed at least two in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago.