Monday, October 18, 2021
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New IL law ensures inclusion of LGBTQ+

A law will take effect next school year in IL that will require students to study LGBTQ history as part of the social studies curriculum.

Defining ‘transgender’ under law is still muddy

The use of "sex" in Title IX, which enforces anti-discrimination laws against students, is tricky in transgender bathroom cases.

Feds: We have no jurisdiction in transgender cases

The US Dept. of Ed. has reportedly dismissed 3 new transgender discrimination cases, claiming the department can't intervene.

Judge won’t stop a transgender policy in Dist. 211

Students at northwest-suburban high schools would probably agree: students should use bathrooms based on gender identity.

Lawsuit filed in Palatine transgender case

The transgender bathroom issue keeps coming up, most recently in a lawsuit filed in the suburban Chicago district where it all began.

ACLU joins Frederick Co. transgender case

A transgender boy at a Maryland h.s. wants the district, despite a lawsuit, to keep new policies that protect him from bullying.

Wis. SD asks Supreme Court about transgender case

The bathroom (and locker room/shower) question keeps coming up regarding transgender students. Maybe the Supreme Court should just decide this.

HSD 211 transgender suit drops feds as defendants

Which bathroom should transgender students use? The question is still in court, though it may be moot, since students have graduated.

Trump bans transgender people from military

Transgender policy took center stage today, as Pres Trump declared that transgender people would be banned from military service.

Supreme Court will not hear transgender case now

SCOTUS decided not to hear the case of a transgender boy in Va. who is suing for his right to use the boys' bathroom at his school.