Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Absenteeism may contribute to dropout rate

Reasons why kids miss school are complex and highly variable; let's address the problem and stop promoting misinformation with simple-minded ads.

Trump to nominate Betsy DeVos for ed. sec.

Donald Trump today named Betsy DeVos, an advocate for private school voucher programs, as his choice for Secretary of Education.

Trump settles fraud suit over his university

Trump U. settled a case in which it was alleged that the Trump organization made fraudulent claims to convince people to pay thousands of dollars.

US releases new teacher training rules

New rules from the US Dept of Ed seek to improve the quality of teacher training in the US. We wish them good luck.

Band ridicules a college’s handling of sex assault

When sexual assault charges are negligibly glossed over, even the marching band at opposing schools knows the real story.

US to fight chronic absenteeism

The US Department of Education will develop a campaign to fight chronic absenteeism, and The Advertising Council gets the sole-source contract.

141 students named US Presidential Scholars

141 students, including 2 from IL and 3 from Md., were named US Presidential Scholars Monday, based on their academic performance or excellence in the arts.