Monday, August 3, 2020
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Feds want to hear about Title IX changes

The US Ed. Dept. seeks comments on proposed changes to Title IX, hoping new rules will bring due process and better protect survivors.

Federal government shutdown in 3rd day

Congress has plans in the works, but the federal government remains shut down until they can approve an actual deal.

US warns of hackers attacking schools

The US warns schools of a new cyberthreat: criminals demand money for protecting sensitive student data from the dark Web.

Trump wants $200 million more for STEM & CS

President Trump encouraged study in the STEM disciplines, including computer science, especially for minorities.

Comments posted on civil rights data collection

Comments for the Civil Rights Data Collection at the US Dept of Education are now closed. Let's see what the dept does with the massive data collection effort.

Baltimore’s Renaissance Academy will continue

A troubled high school in Baltimore will remain open, thanks to strong and loving feedback from students and the community. And $1 million in cash.

DeVos stops opposing transgender rescindment

The Trump administration seems ready to rescind a rules from the Obama administration that dictated which bathrooms transgender students should use.

Trump might scrap transgender directive

The Trump administration might issue a new transgender bathroom directive for schools. Trans advocates are upset; conservatives are happy.

Trump seeks ‘repeal’ of so-called Common Core

What did Kellyanne Conway mean when she said the president was planning to "repeal" the Common Core State Standards?

Minn. Gophers end boycott over sex assault

U. of Minn. football players boycotted their own team last week because 10 players were suspended for a sexual assault. The boycott's over.