Friday, May 7, 2021
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Distracted learning can be a big problem

Distractions can impair learning, drawing resources from the same brain regions as the mastery of course material. What to do?

Video games may help self-regard in some students

Using video games in a positive way can help students who feel bad about a low score on a test or some other failure in life.

Gamers get less depressed if they have friends

If teens have strong friendships, they tend not to get as depressed as their lonely peers if they play video games for hours every day.

Need to remember what you learn? Try running.

In terms of remembering what you just learned, post-learning activities help in this order: running, outdoor activities, video games. In fact, video games may hurt memory.

Gaming hours tied to positive, negative outcomes

How much do you play video games? A little does a lot of good, but too much might be associated with behavioral or social problems.

Camp Invention inspires STEM in Indiana

A national summer camp focused on science and technology brought some learning fun to Indiana.

What we can learn from violent video games

Violent video games might lead to antisocial behavior, but they have an appeal. Can we harness that appeal to develop helpful tools?