Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Exposure to violence linked to teen obesity

Kids who are obese often develop poor eating habits during adolescents, and those habits get worse when they're around violence.

Kennedy Center cheers real jazz from Kenwood

The jazz band from Chicago's Kenwood Academy performed on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington this evening. Words fail me.

Kids at Md. bus stop witness shooting

Students witnessed a domestic violence incident that involved a shooting near their bus stop. Even biological changes come from neighborhood violence.

Gun violence still rising in PG-13 films

The amount of gun violence in PG-13 movies has gone up over the last 30 years, compared to that in R-rated movies, which has remained relatively constant.

White teen assaulted in Chicago & on Facebook

The beating of a white, mentally disabled teen by 4 young black adults, broadcast on Facebook Live, has stirred outrage and concern.

Shooting, gang violence lead to PTSD

Many people, especially women, who experience trauma and violence in their neighborhoods, develop PTSD and depression, a Northwestern U. study suggests.

Young people can resolve conflict without violence

Education Week published an op-ed written by directors of the U. of Chicago Crime Lab. What if we taught teens, in health class, to resist violence?

Milwaukee riot follows a police-involved shooting

Riots broke out in Milwaukee Saturday following a police-involved shooting of an armed black man who was fleeing police. Frustration reigns.

Police in Minn. shoot a school cafeteria worker

A protest over police shooting of black people turned violent in Dallas, but the nation is now engrossed in a conversation about police-community relations.

Gunfire at Oaxaca teachers’ union fight

Violence has erupted near Mexico City, as teachers in Oaxaca state protest government "reforms" that include strong teacher evaluations.