Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Trump to nominate Betsy DeVos for ed. sec.

Donald Trump today named Betsy DeVos, an advocate for private school voucher programs, as his choice for Secretary of Education.

Trump releases sort of an education plan

Donald J Trump issued a few proposals for what he would do as president for education. It's about school choice, vouchers, and merit pay.

Nev. Supreme Court hears voucher cases

Nevada's supreme court could issue a ruling soon as to the constitutionality of 2 of the widest-reaching voucher laws in the nation.

School Choice Week in America, 2016

School choice rallies are set for around the country this week. Laws surrounding school choice, passing anew, are also being challenged in court.

N.C. Supreme Court upholds vouchers

Despite pleas from several school board groups, local and national, the NC Supreme Ct. has ruled the state's voucher program is constitutional.

Md. General Assembly adjourns sine die

The Md. General Assembly has completed its business in the first legislative session in Larry Hogan's first term as governor. A few bills deal with education.