Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Racial tensions rise at Md. football games

If you somehow thought the election of Barack Obama would bring a decline in racism, you were wrong. So wrong.

A Jewish student in Chicago considers Charlottesville

When Jewish students (and black students) consider the white supremacy movement that seemed to surge in Charlottesville, they're angry.

In Portland, the day after & the day before

Anti-white supremacy marchers dotted the nation yesterday, including here in Portland, Ore. Trump tweeted something about healing.

Religious, political diversity is united at U.Va.

As a prominent U.Va. dept. repudiates the violence of white supremacy, other writers compare Trump to the Indian prime minister.

Some social studies looks like fiction under Trump

What should teachers do about questions they are sure to receive about the violence in Charlottesville last weekend?

U.Va. and Charlottesville, Va., in state of emergency

A man was killed and dozens injured in white supremacy protests today near the U. of Va. State of emergency.

Swastikas, antisemitic graffiti in Ohio, IL, Md.

Police are investigating possible hate crimes in the most recent week across America, mostly involving President Trump's name and swastikas.

Md. H.S. students pass around racist petition

A petition distributed by students at a Md. H.S. promoted white supremacy and featured racially charged language about African-Americans.

U.S. deals with fires and fears of racism

When Donald Trump was running for president, he spoke of hatred on the campaign trail, a hatred non-whites know as well, but the take is different this time.

Cornel West sees a 'Black prophetic fire'

We must address inequity in educational and housing opportunities for predominantly black and low-income communities.