Friday, May 7, 2021
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Zero-tolerance policies unfairly punish black girls

Black girls are more likely to receive harsher discipline under zero-tolerance policies than white girls for minor offenses.

Charters suspend blacks more than whites

Black students and students with disabilities are still getting out-of-school suspensions more frequently than whites, esp. in charters.

Rauner signs 'no zero-tolerance' discipline bill

A new law will take effect in Sept '16 in IL to remove zero-tolerance policies in school discipline and make other changes.

Minority schools more likely to call the cops

Research at Penn State confirms that zero-tolerance is biased against blacks & minorities and may deprive them of needed care.

School discipline evolves in Md.

We are starting to take a closer look at limiting out-of-school suspensions for students who don't commit violent offenses. There are a few issues.

Do students get stabbed more frequently these days?

Discipline changes in Baltimore and an increase in violence could shine a light on proposed IL legislation that could make schools less safe.

With suspensions off-limits, students rule the roost

Sometimes punishing students makes them step up their disruptive antics, but taking away suspensions as a punishment may also lead to bigger problems.